A video trending on social media shows how a white benz caught fire, and there wasn’t any fire extinguisher to appease the fire but rather they started using sand, which could not help but went out of hands which precipitously fumes up, causing the white benz burnt.

From the look and hearing of sounds of the visual scene, the owner (the driver) was just crying and screaming for help and you might even think the car is not his.

Often times, police and road safety officers’ cautions people on the road to have particular indispensable safety tools needed in their cars. The basic things that will be of help to oneself if only you have a car, this is exactly what happened to these guys.

Most of the times, people thinks they are doing oneself by flouting the laws and rules as a citizen. Simple instruction, carry these safety tools and equipment in your car before you set off to your terminus, Fire Extinguisher “if your car catches on fire, you are best advised to clear the area as fast as you can, because an extinguisher is the only tool that can stop fire getting out of hands”, First Aid Kit “work on a car long enough and you’ll need to dress a pinched finger, The Red Cross suggest that your automotive first aid kit include bandages, gauge, antibiotic ointment, gloves and more”, Road reflector or flares “if you are broken down along the highway, take a tip from the truckers and carry flares , reflective triangle , or led flashing light to warn other cars, etc.

One will be pondering, why the other cars passing by couldn’t even stop to offer help or call fire service to the scene. It’s not so grim to do this, so what went wrong?


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