Apparently, some media personalities and well-known DJs are not happy with Shatta Wale for not inviting them to his party.

As it stands now most of them have publicly expressed their inner thought of how they feel for not being part of Shatta’s party.

The Honcho, Shatta Wale yesterday celebrated his birthday luxuriously in his shipmansion.

The Grammy award winner made it known that the party was strictly by invitation, of which he invited few people plus family and close friend.

It has turned out that, people have registered their displeasure for not being invited to celebrate with their King and favorite on his special day

King Lagazee, the host of Yaad Settings on HoT FM has made a post expressing how bad he feels left out.

In a post on his Facebook wall, he wrote; ‘How can #Shatta Wale put up a birthday party and the General hard no invite? We no bore but the fans had to know, because that day will come’.


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