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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Shatta Wale Trolls Stonebwoy Again Over His Activate Song?

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Stonebwoy managed to get Nigeria’s Davido to his studio to put together a danceable tune for the Christmas.

The song however, went through tough times after recording.

The initial date for the song’s release had to change because the feature artist, Davido was set to release his next studio album.

The song was eventually leaked by music pirates to the surprise of Stonebwoy’s team.

He moved on to release the video but the featured artist did not post the link for his own fellowers but rather released a new single on the same day.

All these 3 factors adversely affected the song and it’s not Stonebwoy’s best song in 2020.

Shatta Wale who has been allegedly not happy with Davido coming down to record with his ache rival has been statements of mockery, using the tittle “Activator ” manipulatively.

He’s in the news again for a similar post.

According to Shatta Wale, the song did not lived up to the hype.

In a funny post on Snapchat, he said ” Your activator no fit mek the Jerry curls come out. Azaaa nkooa”

He said with laughing emojis.

Many will be unnecessarily worried if this is a potential beef.

It’s not and will not be. Shatta Wale is not just a musician.

There is a comic part of his talents and he exhibits for people to laugh.

Stonebwoy has now understood that side of Shatta Wale so, doesn’t take some of these things to heart anymore.

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