It seems the beef between Shatta Wale and Samini is not ending anytime soon.

The two Dancehall artists despite smoking the peace pipe somewhere in December, 2019, are locked up in a a new beef.

The whole beef started from the very day Shatta Wale released his “1Don” song which made a lot of waves.

Stonebwoy who calls himself 1 Gad also released a song titled “1Gad”.

Samini followed suit by releasing “1 King”.

Samini’s “1 King” and Stonebwoy’s constant trolls directed at Shatta Wale and belittling of “1 Don” compelled Shatta Wale to release “Real” in which he descended on the two artists with heavy lyrical punches.

According to Shatta on the said song, Samini can not claim king because he is without a palace and a pool.

He also shaded Stonebwoy by saying 1Don controls every lesser gad. This is to counter Stonebwoy’s argument that he is the only gad but there so many Dons and Kings.

Below is an excerpt from the song.

“Now see it…
Dem a shit inna dem pants n a piss
Dem lock themselves inna jail, no a appeal
Two funny men father and son…..
1Don control every lesser gad
Dem all a primitive
How can you be a king without a palace n a pool pool
Dancehall a nuh your thing look fi ya trad
Boy go pon fool fool”

Samini upon hearing the song didn’t like it and took to Twitter to vent his anger.

In the post, he mentioned that he’s self-made unlike Shatta Wale who was spoon-fed by Name 1.

“The living fool measures the success of a man by the size of a swimming pool 😂.living proof of the fact that depths of minds differ.A beneficiary always feels wisest until the benefactor becomes woke. Remember I did it all by myself without a “Nam1” and no one is my Don ” he tweeted

Shatta Wale upon chancing on the tweet gave a hot reply in exchange.

According to Shatta Wale, he started buying houses long before he met the Zylophone media boss.

“You do song about girls and i do song about money ,nooorr you bore deh dis somebodys fada NAM1 .. I start buying houses before I met NAM1 ,you start buying credit as mtn sign you ..That was your fucken property maaafaka 😂😂”

The back and forth by the two artists drew the attention of the Jamaican artist, Popcaan.

He wrote on Twitter

entertainment is from ghana this morning  SM VS HIGHGRADE?? Chubble ”

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