Shatta Wale Mobbed At Sibi Herbal Company Premises By Means Of His Unexpected Visit

Dancehall ruler, Shatta Wale unannounced visit to sibi herbal company premises took hundreds of fans there. Something he easily get it done, his presence always attracts fans irrespective of the situation and stands.

That clearly demonstrate the immense impact and famous the artist’s fanbase have become, yesterday in the afternoon Charles Nii Armah Mensah paid a curtesy call on his new found family (Sibi Herbal Company).

He suddenly bumped on the management unexpectedly with much enthusiasm from fans cheering him on, it was awesome and a great moment to feel loved by your fans.

It feels great to be with your fans, especially when it an impromptu visit  and your fans gathers around in a jiffy, exactly what happened to the artist at Sibi herbal premises.

Suzzy Herbal recently announced to the public the million-deal contract signed with the African Danchall Ruler Shatta Wale and most recent artist in Ghana as their brand ambassador. The company confirmed the deal on their various social media platform, which from a reliable source the deal worth millions of cedis.

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