Shatta Wale is currently the hottest African artist in the Caribbeans, Asia and the USA.

Shatta Wale has solidified his claim as the biggest Ghanaian musician and one of the best from Africa after he pulled a massive crowd for a show in the US.

Shatta Wale shockingly sold out a concert set to be held in Maryland- Virginia in few hours even though with little promotion and within 2 days of planning.

True to the words of the Organizers of the show who came out earlier to say the tickets to the show had all been bought, there were patrons(full to capacity) in the auditorium waiting for Shatta Wale to perform.

Having already had Beyonce’ feature him on her “The Gift” album, Shatta Wale is actually in the States to get some more collaborations with some of the top-notch artists in America.

He is reported being chased by the likes of Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and so on and so forth,

Whiles he is also reported chasing the likes of Rihanna, Jay Z and Beyonc√® for collaborations for his forthcoming album, “Gift Of Gold”.

In the Caribbean, especially Jamaica, Shatta Wale has been become a household name.

Top Jamaican producers and record labels have been chasing the African Dancehall King.

The Jamaican artist have never seized talking about how good he is and how willing they are to have him on their songs.

Shatta Wale has accordingly been featured on big Jamaican projects, biggest among them being the Tropical House Cruises To Jamaica: Collectors Edition.

He has been on projects by Zack Ariyah of Gold Up Music, Damage Music and Contractor Music.

These are just few of the many reasons why Shatta Wale is the hottest “Commodity” in the US and the Caribbean.

When data of his digital Performances and sells emerge, you will have no choice than to accept the glaring truth.

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