Shatta Wale Is Not Ready To Perform On Sumfest Stage – A Jamaican Producer, Kim A Siv Dem

 According to Kim A Siv Dem, Charles Nii Armah Mensah who she manage is not ready to mount an overcast stage like SUMFEST.

Kim A Siv Dem said in as much as Shatta Wale’s fans wish to see their favourite artist on Sumfest stage, the artist himself has made it known to her, he’s not in a hurry to mount Sumfest platform to perform.

In a post sighted on Kim’s Facebook wall by Ghtrendinglinks, she said Shatta Wale has performed on bigger platforms, a place like Arena 02 twice not on Sumfest, and it was his own sold out show. Apparently, Shatta Wale don’t need to climb on Sumfest stage to showcase his competence on superior platforms, she added.

She elucidated to the artist’s fans how uninteresting the crowd reacts to any artist that comes on SumFest stage and to this day and age Shatta Wale is not ready to mount such a dreary stage.

According to her, Shatta Wale is an entertainer and he’s energised when the crowd get thrilled and happily retorts back. Every artist wants that crowd connection to flow.

Stop mounting pressure on me to force Shatta Wale perform at SUMFEST, because he’s not ready, she added.

Let me ask this question!

Unu ever go sumfest yet?

Unu ever watch sumfest yet?

Ever see how sumfest crowd react to an artiste performance?

Have you ever seen shatta perform yet?

Ever see how the crowd react to shatta perform

Now even with the biggest artiste on the stage

“Sumfest crowd hardly moves”

How if you can look out of yours eyes and have sense you will see where I am going with this!

Stop asking me about shatta performing on sumfest because he doesn’t want to go perform in front of a crowd that gives off that energy

Some of unu always act like unu know everything and know everything that happens behind close door with the artiste and the team

Unu fi build more time man! Jahknow!

You want me to force the man to perform????


Charles Nii Armah Mensah come educate them please mi tiad

Maame Dede, Ghtrendinglinks

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