Shatta Wale Is Not A Fool To Spend His Hard-Earned Money To Shoot Another Classic Video Like Gringo Again – Criss Waddle

According to Criss Waddle, Shatta Wale his bosom friend is not ready and his not a fool to spend huge money again on another classic video like gringo.

This submission by the AMG Criss Waddle was chanced on twitter by Ghtrendinglinks, relating to Ghana Music Awards announcement of their open nominations yesterday.

The superstar registered his displeasure about the VGMA’s and their bias ways of awarding a different music video over Shatta Wale’s gringo, that got all the important award both locally and internationally.

But their very own VGMAs denied the major video song a deserving award.

And how Ghana Music Industry spoke ill about the video and the back slash at Shatta Wale.

This might come to him as a fact that his friend Shatta Wale has discussed that with him already or he’s just giving a tilt of his thought to the issue.

Below is the screenshot

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