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Shatta Wale Goes Jay Z Way; Millions Of Dollars Augmenting [Read Details]

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#Shaxi: Shatta Wale walking in the shoes of World Music Billionaire, Jay Z..

Shatta Wale well known as a big musician is now known for his business acumen and massive wealth.

Shatta Wale’s entrepreneurial journey began as a hustler on the streets of Nima, Accra.

Coming from one of the roughest neighborhoods in Accra where there weren’t many opportunities.

Bandana days as he was known years back went into hibernation for 10 good solid year.

After, he came back from hibernation with the name Shatta Wale to conquer Ghana music industry and Africa with his style of music and his versatility with genres.

He had his first international award with his songs ‘dancehall king’ and ‘chop kiss’ in 2013-2014 at IRAWMA, in USA.

The current African dancehall king is still topping major musical charts with every song he releases.

Whiles on his music career, he ventured into other business after making lot of money from his music .

He hard a partnership deal with STORM Energy drink ginger labelled it Shatta Movement Drink; He was already Kasapreko Ambassador.

The musician cum business mogul also went into real estate where he was seen building something like 5 star hotels in Kumasi.

Shatta Wale’s wealth didn’t come overnight, he constant songs release earned him much money.

Don’t forget he also partnered with Infinix of which he is also cashing out from there.

And Now #Shaxi, which is about to boost him into swimming in billions.

Jay Z as we speak has a stake in Uber worth an estimated $70 million, which he originally purchased for $2 million, in view of this one can tell Shatta Wale is about to hit the jackpot with his uber business.

If all things being equal Shatta Wale will be making millions of dollars with his new business #Shaxi.

The Taxi brand is called ‘ShaXi’ – assuming to be amalgamation of Shatta and Taxi.

The 1Don hitmaker says Shaxi is coming as a means to support the youths basically to reduce unemployment in the country.

Is part of efforts he is making to provide jobs for some of the youths in various communities.

The renowned rapper has similar situation as Shatta Wale. They started from ghetto, toiled and gained

Today the boy, Jay Z who grew up from the slum is the richest Musician in the world likewise Shatta Wale the richest Ghanaian artiste in Ghana and coming harder.

Also, the African Dancehall King is preparing to hit the music market with his upcoming project the ‘GOG Album’ which the artist target is to see it touch the global glam.

Below is the video

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