Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has gifted a new Toyota Camry to one of the trustworthy militants of the Shatta Movement (SM), Joint77.

Joint 77 is upcoming artist under the Shatta Movement Records Label and has been with Shatta Wale for 16years, and Shatta has today rewarded him with a brand new Toyota Camry 2018

Ghtrendinglinks spotted the Picture on Shatta Wale’s IG status, Shatta Wale then expressed his excitement about the surprise gift to  Joint77 as his best  and devoted associate who merit such a gift from him. He added that the car is his and all the papers of the car is in his name.

Shatta Wale gifts Toyota Camry

Joint 77, as we all know has been with Shatta Wale since the day of Bandana, throughout the toughest time till Today, there’s is an adage that goes like “You Reap, what you sow” “Hard work pays” and another adage in fante also says “edwuma sini nnyi akatua”. He has really pay off his dues.

He wrote this: Congrats Joint 77???,  New whip ? u deserve it bro. you stood for me for 16 fucken good years cuz you believed in my TODAY… I fucken Love you bro!!!!

All documents in your name…….. Live Life bro

Eddie Nak, Writer, Ghtrendinglinks

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