The African Dancehall Champion, Shatta Wale few hours ago has confirmed on his Instagram page his relationship breakup with Shatta Michy and he it doesn’t look good at all.

Shatta and Michy’s crumbling relationship story has been a controversies and a hot topic among fans, and even till today people are still not convinced of the two, breakup.

Their breakup has always been a drama one, both of them Shatta and Michy has come out debunking the break up remorse surrounding their relationship severally.

Recently both of them threw words at each other on their social media page, which has not gone down well with the fans, thinking it’s one of their drama, whenever they want to release a song.

 The Dancehall King, might have just fired the last shot into his broken relationship with Michy which has taken a dramatic turn on social media few hours ago. Shatta message which he shared on social media confirms the previous reports that he is no more with his baby Mama.

Happy valentine to all my ex’s

“Majesty’s mum and Nshira’s mum. Hope you guys celebrate this day with love. You guys gave me great kids in this life and I really appreciate but though we not together I still will show love cuz we were never enemies when we all first met each other. This should tell you I will want to concentrate on growing the kids for them to have a better future and nothing else. Good luck my vals on this vals day!!!”

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