Over the years twitter has been one of the biggest social media platform.

One can’t do without, as a celebrity, a musician, business man etc.

Technological Know-how; one need social media to boost his/her business irrespective of the work you do.

Having a lot of concerned followers make it so easier to sell yourself or your product easily.

A multiple award winning musician, Shatta Wale who had a little hitch with his fans week ago has come into terms with them.

Tempers raised over a disagreement both parties hard and one side decided to withdraw.

The decision by fans rarely affected the likes and comment of Shatta Wale.

Even to trend his current tour became hard.

To know how important it is to trend on Twitter and necessary for brand, the African Dancehall King had apologised personally to his fans.

He’s currently trending on twitter, meaning fans have accepted his apology .

As one family they’ve given up on their hard selves.

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