Shatta Movement ‘Tsunami Dues Project’ About To Hit Ghana Music Industry Is Mind Blowing, Loyal Members To Benefit Immensely

Yesterday on Zylophon 102.1 FM a lot was revealed by Phuskett Shatta Bobby, Shatta Movement Fan base Chairman.

In reaction to a post made by Shatta wale on his facebook wall has brought about masses discussions and raised wild concerns about the imminent development of Shatta Movement led by African Dancehall ruler, Shatta Wale.

He wrote ‘If you know you have been paying your dues to your heads for sometime now ,this is the opportunity u get anytime we the SHATTA MOVEMENT host our own concerts ….You will be given complimentary tickets to enter free because you have proven your loyalty to the empire and believed in the growth.. If you need any info Phushket Shatta Bobby is there to help ..Thank you !!!??’.

According to Chairman Phuskett Bobby this is just a speck of the iceberg, Shatta Wale has moved from being single person into a stage of growth where he has become the tree with branches to feed the people that comes to rest under it. He also said Shatta Movement is no longer a meagre movement but a force and an empire that is building up for a future multitude.

Chairman Phuskett Bobby throws more light on the statement above made by Shatta Wale, through a phone call he had with Sammy Flex this morning on Zylophon FM, he said heaps of alarms was raised by the fan base regarding the dues thingy and how the money will be used, Shatta Wale therefore coming upright at it, will boost the morale of the fan base and executives. Exclusively; donations have been made out of this same dues and individual collective effort is appreciated so far, Chairman added.  

Seeing the genuineness of whatever they are doing will help push the brand Shatta Movement the more and abide by it since apprehensions has been raised by Shatta Wale on the dues Phuskett Bobby added.

One of the panellists by name Lady Rev, former Miss Ada of YFM made a vital point which should be quickly looked at and reviewed by the chairman of the Shatta Movement fan base. Her submissions were actually vivacious one, she said the ticket thingy is absolutely not a new to her especially knowing who Shatta Wale is and what he’s capable of doing but she will rather prefer to see him put in place mechanisms that will benefit his fans,  she gave an example whereby Shatta wale can sponsor his fans to further their education abroad and not to do show with them only and come back, support them at the university level, and  also sponsor them to secure self-made jobs, she believe that will go a long way to help the Shatta Movement as a whole.

Chairman Pushket Bobby ended by giving a big shout out to all Shatta Movement empire and their boss Shatta Wale for the big opportunity given to him and his executives.

Written by Gina Bev Quist

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