Shatta And Tacha Have Taken Over Twitter Trend, Check Who’s At Number 1

Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr. known by stage name Shatta Wale And Natacha Akide Ibinabo well known as Tacha have taken over twitter this morning.

These two people have the craziest fan base ever, their fav sneezes and it turns to trend.

The African Dancehall king is trending No.1, 2, 7,8,9,10 in Ghana with ‘Shatta10’, Melissa, ‘Aye Halfcast’, ‘Like Jesus’, Only one man, Dancehall King whiles Tacha a Nigerian/Ghanaian trending at No. 5, 7 with ‘Tacha Turns 24’, ‘Happy Birthday Tacha’ as today marks her birthday.

These two have correspondingly story, they were termed the ‘murkiest, rowdy, bad-mannered etc they were the rejected corner stone, now, that rejected stone has turned out to be the builders favorite.

Shatta Wale is the utmost popular artiste in Ghana, social media influencer, the biggest artiste that Ghana has ever had. The richest and generous artiste in Ghana is Shatta Wale. His relationship with his enthusiasts doesn’t differ from Tacha and her followers.

Tacha on the other hand is now the finest female influencer in Nigeria, she coughs and her fans spread out to work, the best brand ambassador at the moment in Nigeria, going for her is expensive but you will make your money before the sun rest.

They’ve tagged their fans as illiterate, jobless, nonentity, rowdy etc meanwhile we have seen their majority of followers coming out to be scholars, well mannered, corporate fans is what they have, but out of hate makes people spew gibberish about Shatta and Tacha.

Those that are on their matter, wish to be them, that’s the fortunate mindset.

Shatta Wale’s followers are called Shatta Movement, Waleans uses the sign fingers representing hope.

Symply Tacha’s followers are called Titans using the trident as their symbol.

Tacha already trending worldwide

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