Sesan And Shatta Wale Hints On An Upcoming Superb Music Videos Off The ‘Gift Of GOD’ Album

The African dancehall king has hit on Sesan, a music video director for another bang videos on his upcoming project.

Sesan Director, who directed Gringo and My Level for Shatta Wale is yet again to hit the world with another music videos for Shatta Wale.

The music video director, who commented on Shatta Wale’s post got an immediate response, telling him to reach out for a possible heartening music videos.

My Level by Shatta Wale seems to be one of the well directed video that took the world by storm, likewise Gringo.

Gringo music video has been one of the best ever video Ghana and Africa as ever witnessed, and was produced and directed by Sesan.

Gringo music video has taken lot of awards across Africa and the World.

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