‘We were all shocked and disappointed about the assassination of Ahmed Hussein-Suale a private investigator for Tiger Eye and we are all hoping the perpetuators will be brought to book probably soon’ –by  PaJohn Bentsi Dadson, He lamented his dissatisfaction on the news and write-ups some bloggers, publicist, media house trades in the fake and untrue stories that is put out there directing traffic to their sites which clearly shows  that they are not good citizens and not up  to the task as far as reporting true fact of a story is concern.

PaJohn Dadson, a writer and Publicist, in an interview with SammyFlex on phone disclosed his displeasure on how the issue at hand is not being tackled well , but it rather diverted and given a twist to politics, diverting attention from the perpetuators of the crime  and how is going to affect the sanity of the nation.

 He also revealed that the case is not a factual frivolous issue that bloggers should write on as any ordinary story. He emphasized on the need for bloggers and writers to desist from writing, exposing and publishing stories that defame the name of Ghana to the international communities on the web.

Ending the interview, he quantified SammyFlex that Ghanaian media should learn how to shield but not to release salient report on our domestic issues and happenings, and further gave a scenario of the alarming rate of crimes in other countries and how their media tread on cautious grounds to report on those sensitive issues without tinting the names and the reputations of those countries (of which he made mention of South Africa, USA, France, UK etc).  He stressed on the need for Bloggers and the media in Ghana to elaborate on the realities and facts of issues arising to feed the people.

He concluded by entreating all to be mindful of the kind of our domestic news and info we push out there to the whole world.

Credit: Maame Dede

Edited by Adjoa Penny

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