See Who Reacted To Ayisha Modi’s Rants Aimed At Sarkodie

Aisha Modi, Stonebwoy’s close pal has been on the nerves of Sarkodie for quiet sometime now.

The vocal lady has lot of times accused and disrespected Sarkodie for a snare reasons and unrealistic accusations.

The multiple award winner, Sarkodie who has had it up to the neck, punched her over a fake indictment against him by the so called socialist.

His replied through a song has awoken Aisha Modi to hit back at him with a long Instagram rant post.

The ‘Saara’ hitmaker dissed Aisha Modi and told her to go to court if she thinks he’s owing her.

Aisha Modi popularly known as She Loves Stonebwoy on her Instagram posted this ‘Hello🤣🤣🤣🤣 so he really did😂😂😂😂? The fearless ZONGO NIMA WOMAN STANDING 🧍‍♀️. I am the only strong woman in the industry who can serve you good meals you can’t resist ..I don’t deserve the back and forth but you were able to waste your time and money enter a studio to record and on top of it all shoot a video to talk about me ???🤣🤣 wow am I that important in Ghana??🤣🤣 Opana has made me know that am doing right in this industry . How can I deserve ur back and forth when DR UN IS UR MASTER ? Even on my sick bed I will fight for justice for my loved ones. Am not afraid 😱 of DEATH 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣! Kraaaa you will pay’ .

The shocking part was when our team chanced on the post and saw Stonebwoy liked it.

The question is when did this start happening? Is Stonebwoy really done with Sarkodie as a friend, proceeding to even like a hateful post at Sarkodie?

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