[Secret Unfolding- Screenshots] Moesha Goes After Salma As What Could Be The Most Deadliest Celebrity Beef In 2019

After experiencing series of beefs this year, we thought we were done till we woke up today only to find fire brewing in the camps of two of our “bodilicious” female celebrities Salma and Moesha.

As to what brought about the beef is what GhTrendingLinks is yet to learn.

Actress Moesha Budoung who’s extremely mad this evening over boorish allegation against her sleeping with married men by Salma Munim has hit her so had.

Moesha Buduong has slammed Salma Munim for calling her prostitute, knowing very well that both of them are not different on this issue. Women and their issues, always taking a beef to a different and interesting level. Throwing tantrum at each other on social media, exposing tips of their misunderstandings.

Salma threw the first punch by writing on Instagram “Pretty girls with natural bodies and respectable jobs y all still winning. Don’t let social media fool you.  Salma’s below the comment punchline didn’t go down well with Moesha, erupting several responses from her.

 We have 15 days to end 2019 and this year has been filled with interesting drama in all aspect from slay queens, the music industry etc, one might have thought we have had enough of the nitty gritty from our celebrities, but with this beef I guess there is more to come.

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