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Secret behind Shatta Wale’s Fan Base

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Charles Nii Armah Mensah a.k.a “Shatta Wale”
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Charles Nii Armah Mensah as we all know him to be Shatta Wale, is a Reggae dancehall Artist with hit song”Dance Hall King” has the biggest fan base in Ghana and loyal fans in Africa, and this is what a fan wrote about him. Very tetchy and rousing.

All artist in Ghana cherry-picked to be associated with the elites, they want their fans to be of a particular class in the society, so they targeted students in Senior High Schools & tertiary even though most of these artists were out stretched from the street(ghetto). Shatta Wale from nowhere came and incorporated those who have been deserted and stigmatized in the society, because most of them never got the opportunity the “elite” had… it’s called market differentiation.

Shatta Wale gave the street and ghetto youth hope and made them believe they’ll surely make it, been on the street doesn’t mean to be non-entity and useless, just show such group of persons love they’ll forever be indebted to you. Shatta Movement fans has been tagged illiterates, tramadol addicts, dishonorable, vagrants etc., but mind you, these group of people are adding up to make the nation great and strong, they just need love and care, and that’s what Shatta Wale is giving to them and till today they will still linger loyal to him.  Now everywhere in the nation Ghana has a Shatta Fan base, In UK, Holland, Liberia, Amsterdam etc.

Shatta Wale performing at Mantse Agbona @author

I never had the opportunity to go to school doesn’t mean I should be denied love and care by society. For your information shatta movement never discriminate, in respective of who you are, we are all same and such movement is hardly to come by, so when the movement say 4lyf it is truly 4lyf and that’s what Shatta Wale is about, no be JUJU.

As we stand and testify staunch on this, Shatta Movement Nation is the most loyal artist fan base in Africa. The only musician who died and resurrected after 10yrs.

It has always been everyone vrs Shatta Wale and he will still conquer, cos the street, ghetto, literates, illiterates, elites comprehensively got his back

#Reality over media hype

#Loyalty over media hype

By Die Hard fan of Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale with Fans @ Mantse Agbona
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