[Screenshot] Kelvin Boy Jabs His Former Boss, Calls His Nation “Fanfoolers”

After ‘Lie Lie’ hitmaker Kelvin Boy fired back at BhimNatives for calling him underground Artist.

The fast rising star left Bhimnation records with the reason of mismanagement and it hasn’t been the same since he left.

Kelvin Boy has been receiving couple of shades, backslash, insult from Stonebwoy’s fans due to the kind of post and comment he makes sometimes. His post has always been twisted and attacked in so many ways.

We wake up to his tweets, indirectly telling Bhimnatives that they are fanfoolers. What will ginger him go this far with his words, could it be the rampant attacks and insults yielding to his fury.

If one, is to get the post correctly, Kelvin is jabbing them for telling him he’s no longer getting shows or making waves because he’s not with the BhimNation President.

Those comment by Stonebowy fans to Kelvin hasn’t gone down well with him and he’s telling them what he’s up to every weekend without the support from Stonebwoy or Bhimnation fans.

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