Sarkodie Was Not Paid For The Year Of Return Ambassadorial Deal – Sadiq Abdulai Abu Reveals

A week ago, Hiphop BET award winner, Sarkodie was appointed by Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Tourism as the official brand ambassador for ‘The Year Of Return’ initiative.

3Music Awards CEO, Sadiq Abdulai has disclosed on Hitz FM, Day Break yesterday that the deal to him, wasn’t a coinage deal, no money was paid to the artist but its only a diplomatic official  deal from the office of the president that was accredited to the artist as a representative for ‘The Year Of Return’ inventiveness.

Fans are on the verge of bringing up their rear tempers up on the said statement by Sadiq, because to them the euphoria that their king was involved in the deal was quite an honouring one.

Now, the question is, why will artist sign a deal without being paid for? But it won’t surprise countless, since our leaders have no interest of the industry at heart, but quick to act for their selfish curiosity gains.

Sadiq gave an emphasis on what Edem said after the signed deal, that the musicians have allowed the industry to be taken for granted, Edem quizzes; how can you associate yourselves with people who wouldn’t shove you to top but are quickly to jump in your glory for their possible interest!

When @sarkodie was announced as ambassador, the last time we checked, he was not paid. He didn’t get any support from government when he was going to the BET. Just recently, @iamedem was also complaining.

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