SarkNatives, Focus On Pushing Black Album By Sarkodie And Stop The Superfluous Trolling – Musician Tillie Gya Writes [Must Read]

Stop the trolling and push Black Album to attain higher heights, International based Ghanaian artist, Tillie Gya has adviced all fans especially SarkNatives to focus on the Black Album that was released few days ago.

The Holland based Ghanaian artiste has waded into the ongoing feud among fans, advicing fans to support each other rather than making mockery over everything, the artiste feels that, is not the right way to go, since it not done like that in Europe.

Seeing this picture below, absolutely tells some people we call artiste fans are sick. Unnecessary dragging killing the Ghana artiste games, you think you are much better.

These artiste’s fans you are trolling got an album that pegged World Album No.6 on Billboard last year, Epistles of Mama pegged No.13, Sarkodie at this point will be so happy if Black Love album will go extra mile hitting No.1 to 5.

Its time to work, not time for trolling, reason with Sarkodie and push harder.

This album of Sarkodie can get a Grammy nomination if SarkNatives will do the needful, work hard, the dragging is making you loose focus.

Apparently, I see some fans as nothing but trouble makers, for how long will you drag/troll your contenders from the other camps?

Ghanaian musicians need these same fans to support them enormously to attain higher height being a supporter or not.

Fans need each other to strive on, the drag will come but shouldn’t be bitter to the extent of wishing another artiste bad or to fail.

Check music lovers (population) percentage we have in the country, and calculate if our whole numbers can even do the magic, absolutely, NO.

We are striving so hard putting our artistes on the world market, yes is good but forgotten one fanbase can’t do it alone.

It’s high time we think outside the box. Fans feel like they are too superior to do it alone, unnecessary dragging each other is killing your artiste’s careers, put a stop to it and come together to push their works when the need arises.

Look at the Jamaican populace, who said their fans don’t fights and trolls, yet they have been pushing each other and see the difference they are making on the world market.

Unnecessary dragging and trolls should be limited whiles you work effortlessly by streaming their songs, sharing of links, and buying their songs and album on all platforms.

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