Saddick Adams Shields Hearts Player Abubakar Traor; Waist Band Is Not Juju It’s Mostly For Protection

It was a sad moment for Hearts players and fans when Kumasi Asante Kotoko defeated them 4-5 on penalties at the Accra sports stadium.

After the match, Ghtrendinglinks spotted a picture going viral on social media of one heart player alleged to be Abubakar Traore a Burkinabe with a talisman around his waist.

Which seems strange to lots of Ghanaians, but Sport Journalist Saddick Adams Obama, took to his social media platform and defended the player vigorously.

Saddick Obama Writes:

Seen this picture circulate. This guy is a Burkinabe player Abubakar Traore. If indeed this waist band is what I’m thinking, then it’s very common with young men in Mali, Guinea, Niger etc. Especially those with Moshie background.

I have relatives in Ouagadougou who wear this, and it feels strange, obviously as a Ghanaian but it’s nothing to them just as we wear rings. Matter of culture shock.

Lot of Christians wear Rosary and Muslims put tasbaa around their necks, this is nothing strange with a Burkina. Not to say this juju to be honest. Even kids (mostly boys) as young as 6 wear this. It is spiritual, mostly for protection. We all have our beliefs. It’s called “Laaya” in Hausa or “Seberi” in Moshie.

Definitely strange if you’re a Ghanaian, but very common in his hometown.

Maame Dede,Ghtrendinglinks

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