Remove Me From Your Scam Awards Schemes, I Am Not Interested – Black Rasta Fires

Black Rasta recuses himself from one of the greatest award scams ever, awards schemes that hinges on voting through money.

Black Rasta on Zylophon FM ‘Showbiz Agenda’ this morning with Sammy Baah Flex sniggered his displeasure on this new scam by some awards scheme in town.

Awards organisers have turned the awards into money making business, the very moment nominations come out they send a link which fans has to vote through money, exhausting them off their hard earned money.

The media personality cum reggae artist has condemned the new scam strategy by some of the awards schemes and has bow out indefinitely.

This is a form of scamming Ghanaians of their hard-earned money, and must be stop as soon as possible.

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