A Facebook account bearing the name Tracy Zille has descended really hard on Africans.

African leaders are working tiredlessly to secure the Covid-19 Vaccines.

Some Africans have raised genuinely fears over the healthy status of the vaccines.

Tracy Zille, a said White Lady is furious for what she considers ungratefulness from the Africans.

Accordingly to her, Africans should have no moral right to complain about the vaccines because if the Europeans wants to kill them they would have long ago.
” …Coca Cola products are from Europe, even KFC and many food production companies. Europeans produce majority of food you eat including formula(milk)…” She said.

The controversial Facebook account continued to say that African is only known for producing babies and that she isn’t surprised the weather is favourable for such ‘baby making ‘ activities.

She went on to say that Africans can refuse the vaccines and die after all they aren’t that important, as they can not even boast of producing a common toothbrush or condom.

Below is the screenshot

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