On Hitz FM DayBreak, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah join the show on phone giving an in-depth explanation on the motive behind the video. She said, she is not with any political party but always wants to try to find solutions to problems.

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, the former HIV/AIDS Ambassador howled, when leaders  of Ghana are looking for votes, they come down to earth and speak to the people but immediately they taste power, then they neglect the people they runs to when they needed power then. She bewailed on how a particular political party used and deprived her from what was due of her.

She lamented on how politicians and Ghanaian leaders take their own decisions and neglect the citizenry. Since the citizens cannot do anything about the decisions of the politicians, they just have to be in the same canoe paddling with them.

According to the former HIV/AIDs ambassador there are other pressing and imperative issues that the nation should address to it instead of the building of the cathedral.

She also said she wasn’t expecting passengers to give her money or she wasn’t making mockery of the president but wanted the people to know what’s wrong with the nation putting national cathedral ahead of other important things. “Even if we need to build a National Cathedral, why are we pumping all this money into it? Why destroy buildings to build another? Joyce Dzidzor Mensah queries.

Can I say, Joyce Dzidzor is using Ghana’s name to enrich herself?  How would we know if she was given money on the train? I think the state has to issue a disclaimer to disassociate themselves from what Joyce is doing The Don probed and quantified.

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