Public Proposal is ‘almost useless’ in Ghana – Isaac Kyei Andoh

We’ve seen many celebrities public proposals and we can attest to the fact that it did not even cross to the other side of the river.

Isaac Kyei Andoh Writes;

This is my take, please, you don’t have to agree, nice if you’d let me know what you think.

Let’s go

In the US or Europe, people mostly start relationship with marriage being a secondary consideration. While they are dating, the lady does not by default expect the relationship to become marriage until there is a special marriage proposal. A woman may want to court a man but wouldn’t want to marry him and so in many cases, when the man proposes to step up the relationship, the woman turns him down and there is no drama

Proposal means a lot to the American, it is the original engagement in America, individualism thrives over family taking the lead.  The moment a white woman says yes, the two can move in together and be recognized as a couple.

Come to Ghana, the moment you propose to the woman, her natural instinct is that it is going to lead to marriage. When you date for a couple of years and want to step it up, what you do is to request that she takes you to her parents and in return, you’d take her to yours or the other way around.

The moment both parents know of this and do not object to it, it is seen as marriage in waiting. .

You don’t date the average Ghanaian woman, I mean the average Ghanaian woman not the ‘I want to have fun type,’ and not expect her to wait for the the conversation to get to: “when are we going to see your parents?

Public proposal simply means marriage was not on the card in the relationship. In Ghana though, we propose generally even if not always because we see a wife in the woman and the women say yes because they see a potential husband in the man.

This is why I am not a fun of the public “will you marry me” getting instituted in Ghana.

The painful part is, most of them will make the public proposal and still make no attempt to see the lady’s parent.

I did a personal research, of the 7 ladies I know who had ever been given promised ring, only 2 were still in the relationship. This research May not be conclusive enough but it is an open secret that promise ring means nothing to the Ghanaian.

The promise ring means nothing, the public proposals means nothing

To many, these proposals are ways to get the woman excited for easy access to sex and not really a commitment to marriage.

The annoying part is when the woman gets all emotional and acts like marriage was never part of her destiny

The average Ghanaian who wants to marry you won’t keep you in wonder until you are in the middle  of the city and surrounded by cameras.

Maybe I am kolo, just maybe but we cannot adopt a foreign culture, apply it on our context without adopting the attitude that gives meaning to that culture.

Take it or leave it, more often than not, when the whiteman says will you marry me, it means he wants to marry you and nothing can stop it.

This is why their public proposals are equal to knocking.

My brother, if you really want to marry her, go and knock and stop the unnecessary drama

Don’t go and kneel at the mall in vain.

Do the ‘right thing’ Mr Bombastic

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