Prophet Nigel is ‘Fake’ And Gives Fallacy Prophecies for popularity – Prophet Ike Faith

According Prophet Ike Faith of Royal City Foundation Chapel, in a live discussion on Agape 88.4 FM told the host 990d4 that Prophet Nigel Gaisie prophecy to Lil Win concerning his former boss, Zack was falsehoods, he brazenly told the host is a fabricated story skewed for publicity.

Prophet Ike Faith continued in telling the host that Prophet Nigel is fake and the prophecy was nothing but lies without fear and panic. Whatever the Nigel said was fallacy and wasn’t from God. He prophesied because he already knows the incoherence between the two, he blatantly stated.

“Prophet Nigel Gaisie, General Overseer of True Word Fire Prophetic Ministries recently in his church, in a ministration called out Actor Lil Win Nkansah, and prophesied to him, he  then mentioned the name Zack and said “I see someone bought a padlock, and the person gave the padlock to a spiritualist to shut you up”. Prophet Nigel asked Lil win who that person was, Lil Win said, Zack was his former boss, the prophet said he has sent you somewhere, for them to shut your mouth up”.

He also said Prophet Niger Gaisie is just causing mayhem with his prophesies, and Lil Win’s prophecy is not different far from it. These are some of the reasons, people always criticised and speak against the churches and Christianity he said.

He cautioned Christians to desist from restraining and pushing away the Muslims, with the expression that, Christians are better off than them. It really brings divisions and confusion he added.

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