More woes for the entertainment industry and all other industries that heavenly depend on presence of people.

The entertainment suffered a lot in the last year, 2020 when the infamous Covid-19 raised ito ugly head.

President Akuffo Addo in attempt to curb the spread of the virus had no other choice but to place a ban on all social gatherings including funerals, parties and outdoor shows.

The ban was however lifted in January 2020 after the number of active cases reduced.

In his 23rd update on Covid-19 situations in the country, the president has reintroduced the ban on social gatherings citing the high rate of spread in the country.

According to the president, parties, pubs and others have to close with immediate effect untill further notice.

Private funerals however can take place only if the number of attendees are not more than 25.

His address became necessary as the number active covid-19 cases now stands at 4,949 with 411 deaths.

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