[Pictures] I Sew Majesty Birthday Stunning Attire Michy To Fans As She Sends Awe-inspiring Message To Majesty

 Shatta Michy celebrated her son’s birthday uniquely with an affectionately message for his son.

The overwhelming mother couldn’t hide his joy than to celebrates Majesty birthday with great photoshop which is all over the place.

According to Shatta Michy the dress Majesty wore on his Birthday was sewn by her. The dress looks so nice with Majesty ‘guy guy’ swag and smile.

Majesty is 4 years today and his mom is feeling so enthusiastic about it and this is what she wrote on her IG Wall for Majesty.

I’m all up in my feelings this morning? the power of this tiny but mighty son of mine. I never met anyone who could make me so mad & in seconds he bribes me with the sweetest kisses ever?I wish Majesty knew what he’s taught me since I was blessed with him.

His sincerity, kindness, adventurous & genuine nature. Omg♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️I’m forever grateful to God for making me his mum??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING MAJESTY ?

Outfit by mummy?yes i sew ? too


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