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The CEO Of Huawei Smartphones Captured At The Airport Using Apple iPad [Picture]

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Ren Zhengfei, The CEO of Huawei smartphones captured at the airport with an iPad tablet device of an entrant company.

The CEO of Huawei smartphones, Mr. Zhengfei was captured at the airport during normal security check, he was seen with airport securities going through his bag. The security lady next to him was photographed holding Mr. Ren’s Apple iPad during the normal routine check up from his bag.

This picture has gone viral and is making millions of shares around the globe since Huawei one way of the other is becoming a stronger competitor of Samsung, iPhone.

On the other hand, this is not surprising. Ren has previously admitted his love for Apple. And Huawei’s CFO, Ren’s daughter Meng Wanzhou, was carrying an iPhone 7, iPad Pro and MacBook Air when she was arrested in Canada.

“My children prefer Apple products over Huawei’s. Does it mean that they don’t love Huawei? Of course not,” the CEO told ‌ Chinese media in May. “Huawei products are ultimately commodities. People use them if they like them.” He further explained, “iPhone has a good ecosystem and when my family are abroad, I still buy them iPhones, so one can’t narrowly think love for Huawei should mean loving Huawei phones.”‌

Responding to rising nationalist sentiment and calls to boycott Apple products in China after the US blacklisted Huawei from buying American technology, Ren said he would oppose any plans to ban Apple products in China. He also called Apple his teacher. “As a student, why go against my teacher? Never,” Ren said.

It is worth to mention that at the beginning of the year, Huawei has changed its corporate policies, requiring employees to use only Android phones to post on Twitter. Some staff members even received salary cuts for not doing so.

It is that Mr. Zhengfei doesn’t believe in his own products?

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