The fans of the veteran Afrobeat group, P-Square are the happiest fan base right now after the news of Peter and Paul Okoye coming back together as P-Square.

The Nigerian twin duo parted ways somewhere in September 2017 after reconciling for merely a year after.

P-Square first separated in 2016 but after lots of outcries and pleas from their fans, reconciled, came back and released some hit songs including Bank Alert.

Unfortunately, the reconciliation was short-lived as the group broke up a gain in 2017.

As widely reportedly and indirectly confirmed by Peter Okoye, the group broke up because Peter Okoye sent a termination letter requesting that he parted ways with the group.

Accordingly to reports at the time, Peter Okoyo asked to leave the group because of what he considered a disrespect and a threat to him and his wife by his brother, Paul Okoye.

The arranged U.S tour was hence cancelled.

Well, all those may now be in the past as they seem to have settled everything between them.

The twins who went their separate ways as Rudeboy(Paul Okoye) and Mr. P( Peter Okoye) are back.

Mr. P, who reportedly sent the said termination letter has come to say he is sorry and he takes full responsibility for everything that had happened.

In a very emotional video, Peter Okoye announced the comeback of the group.

Are you excited about their comeback? Let’s have your thoughts in the comment section below.

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