A Comparative Study Of Samini’s “1Jon” Diss Song And His Other Songs’ Total Stream Performances Show That Peace Is Overrated

Samini and Shatta Wale are currently locked up in a fresh beef.

It all started when Samini felt disrespected by Shatta Wale “Real” track in which he (Shatta Wale) said Samini is claiming king but he has no pool and palace.

There have since been this back and forth between the two artists.

They both released songs to shade each other.

One of Samini’s diss songs to Shatta Wale, titled “1Jon” is the reason for this article.

Comparing the song to Samini’s other song, “Craving”, one can say that the beef has benefited the veteran Dancehall artist.

His song, “Craving” which he released a month again has only managed to garnered 29K views.

His “1Jon” diss song to Shatta Wale, released a day ago however has fetched him 35K views.

This means that his day old song has fetched him 6K more views than his month old song.

Music lovers have been reacting, saying beefing seems to be yielding more result than peace hence peace is overrated.

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