Pay Your Workers Comedian Warris Hit Hard At Employers And Managers

Africa as a place, has a problem when it comes to managers and employees’ affairs. Employees in Africa seems to have no right and its revolting. How a manager expect a young man or woman to survive without pay?

A guy called me few days ago, bitterly complained about how he has worked for 2 months without pay. The hardest part is that, he takes car to work and fro, can you imagine? And these managers feel relaxed seeing these youth suffer.

Do people have instincts at all? In Africa, No. Their sense of reasoning and conscience is dead, to the extent of threatening an employee if he/she complains. This is becoming unbearable.

Comdian Waris has waded in this morning blasting managers of being impotent with their conscience, these employees will eat, drink and cloth themselves yet some bosses with ‘no brain’ wouldn’t think beyond suffering and need, will go ahead to refuse them of their salaries.

Warris, this morning used his platform to call on managers to listen to the plea of the average people working for them. They survive base on what they earned, if you don’t pay them or on time, then he agree to notion that they are also part of the hardship in this country.

How can one work without pay? The probation part, is the most ‘useless’ word to hear from them. The right of employees in this country must be looked at.

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