Partnership Deal Is different from Endorsement: Symply Tacha In This Ciroc Deal Stunts, Stands Tall


A celebrity endorsement is the most traditional (read: antiquated) way that big businesses use celebrity recognition to compliment a marketing campaign.  Endorsements typically involve using the name and likeness of a celebrity in a print or television advertising campaign. The celebrity is usually the ‘face’ of the brand, and there is minimal expectation (or consumer belief) that the celebrity actually uses the product or understands its origins, ingredients, etc.  The celebrity generally receives a large cash advance to participate, If Mercy Eke is really on this table, then its great for her brand.


Celebrity licensing is more common in the apparel and beauty industries.  A simple explanation of celebrity licensing is: an existing business/brand licenses the name and image rights of a celebrity to imply that a specific product or line of products was created by/for that celebrity. Generally, the licensee (the brand) has existing designs, manufacturers, and distribution in place while the celebrity provides inspiration and has approval rights over the design. However, the participation of celebrities can vary greatly when it comes to licensing. Some celebs have a real interest in design, and look for brands who will help actualize their vision.  Those celebs truly take part in everything from fabric choice (apparel), ingredient sourcing (beauty), to design and marketing… while others simply show up for photoshoots and launch events. The terms of these relationships usually last a few years, and involve a cash advance that is recoup-able against royalties. No matter the personal involvement, the celebrity will generally be contracted to participate in media and promotions around the line, and will usually be encouraged to sport the product(s) for the (not-so-hidden) paparazzi every once in a while.


Natasha Ibinabo Akide simply known as Tacha falls under this category, from source her deal with Ciroc Company is a partner out of it, she is having the ‘Tacha Fierce’ cocktail, the Vodka. Read the difference below:

Celebrity partnerships cast a wider net than both celebrity endorsements and celebrity licensing combined… and often encompass a little of both. Celebrity partnerships are usually born out of a celebrity’s personality, values, and genuine interest in a product, resulting in a more organic relationship between celebrity and brand.  Unlike celebrity endorsements or licensing, however, partnerships can be brokered on small budgets with young brands that are privately held, growing, or pivoting. Sometimes the celebrity takes on a leadership role within the company, as a creative director or board member, providing feedback, access, or suggestions for the business. In other cases, the celeb may talk up the product to their star-studded girl-gang, or recommend it to their fav talk show host.  Partnerships are like romantic relationships… no two are the same, but both parties have to be invested for them to work.

It’s pays

In a true partnership, the celebrity has an honest interest in the brand values and products, resulting in authentic promotion. Often, companies will request that the celebrity gift the product to friends and followers, and share information about the products in the media. Depending on the contracted agreement, more traditional campaign aspects, like a print or radio ad, are also included. Celebrities can be paid as advances (recoupable or not), commission, and equity (meaning a stake in the brand). Oftentimes, it’s a combination of the three.

In the dept quest of the Ciroc deal concerning these two celebrities Mercy and Tacha, Symply Tacha’s stands tall of her juicy deal. She made it known to the public of the paid partnership Deal with Ciroc.

Little Advice; to be a celebrity that will go far and win fans and followers the more, be you, bold, feel secure, be confident and believe in yourself and brand and leave the rest for the world to judge, insecurity and competition kill dreams – Maame Dede

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