Ozo Claims Top Spots On Worldwide, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa Twitter Trends [EVERY DETAIL]

Big Brother Naija star and radio personality, Ozo known in real life as Ozoemena Chuku Joseph has entered and claimed major spots on Twitter trends in different countries.

Ozoe has been trending in Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana. He has also been trending worldwild.

In Nigeria, the communicator has been trending at no.1, 6, 8 & 9 with “Congratulations Ozoe”, #OzoXECOWAS, “Ambassador Ozo” and “Diplomat Ozo” respectively.

In South Africa he trendend with the “Congratulations Ozo” at the 8th spot and with #OzoXECOWAS at the 10th.

He trendend in Ghana with the #OzoXECOWAS and “Congratulations Ozo” at numbers 2 and 3 respectively.

On the worldwide trend, he claims the number 29th spot.

Ozo’s trend in all these countries is as a result of his ambassadorial deal with ECOWAS where he has been appointed as the youth ambassador of the sub-regional body.

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