OSAGYEFO The Ghana You Left Behind Is Crying; Our Leaders Today Are Living A Good Life At The Expense Of Their Subordinates – Solomon Yeboah Writes

Solomon Yeboah Writes

The State Of Ghana After OSAGYEFO DR. KWAME NKRUMAH…..

Your vision decades ago and now still Paramount in Ghana, Africa and the world at large for the betterment of humanity, although I was not born by then but history is there to show for your great leadership. You were a selfless and a patriot leader in the annals of Ghana’s history, I cry anytime your name is mentioned or your image is seen, a leader who died without properties, a mark of a selfless leader.

Shame on your coup plotters. Your legacies are what we still depend on as a country and even not expanded, care for, some sold and other destroyed, leaders after your demise till now careless about their subjects except their cronies and amass wealth left, right and centre.

Your development plan that was relevant then and now is abandoned. And now the country is at no direction, developments are done in a disorganized way, every political party and president intentionally discontinue projects inherited and starts their own just for political advantage and not for the betterment of the nation. They borrow monies across the globe to put up infrastructures and wickedly allows them to rot in bushes across the country.

Osagyefo, those leaders today are leaders because of your pragmatic measures you laid, you made life simple for them to succeed in life but today the story is the opposite. Big and confusing grammar is all what they know, meanwhile the ordinary Ghanaian careless about those grammars and statistics but good living conditions.

Leaders today live good life at the expense of their subordinates. Osagyefo the country you left us is now in the state where leaders are so selfish and heartless.

May your gentle soul continuing resting in perfect peace OSAGYEFO, your vision and legacies would be forever be remembered.

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