Nukre Finally Bow To Obinim After He Sworn Not To Visit Him

Up and coming musician Nukre recently had an interview on ‘Real Talk’ Show with Sammy Baah Flex to talk about how Angel Obinim appeared in his dream after eating a miraculous toffee from his church.

The singer in an exclusive interview with the show’s host Sammy Flex on Flex TV revealed that he doesn’t believe in necessarily visiting or seeking a powerful pastor before he can make it big in the music industry.

He narrated how he advised her girlfriend to stop attending Obinim’s church because he didn’t believe in recent pastors, but later discovered that his girlfriend was still secretly attending the church without his knowledge and the even brought home three special miraculous toffees that was given to her in the church.

Nukre  further revealed that he ate the toffee without knowing it was from Obinim’s church, and immediately he ate the toffee he started dozing off and that was when he saw Angel Obinim appeared in his dream to direct   him to come to his church with Gh200.00 as a ‘proposition’ to make him famous in Ghana.

The up and coming musician finally said that he decided to explore the meaning of his dream, so he took a bold step to visit Angel Obinim few days ago in his church to seek the pastors help to fulfil the direction he gave to him in the dream.

After his visit to Angel Obinim, Nukre has recorded a song titled ‘Obinim’. He hopes to get his good dream filled.

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