A video trending on social media shows a Nigerian man pull out his [email protected] whiles driving his passengers.

In the video, the man firmly held his steering wheel with one hand and grabbed his pen*s with the other.

To the amusement of his female passengers, this man started [email protected]; smooching and self-satisfying.

He persisted amidst screams by the passengers; up and down, up and down, till he cum. After he cum, he picked a handkerchief from the left side of the front door and wiped the s$men.

Disgusting indeed, huh?

When asked why he was doing that whiles they(female passengers) were on board he said their dresses got him to lu$t after them.

This guy’s s£[email protected] prowess might be a very serious one. Such a wonderful creature.

Wtf is going on here? 😳😳😳

Originally tweeted by Osahon A (@sahon_A) on January 4, 2021.

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