Nigel Gaisie’s Ritual Partner Revealed The Dirty Things They Did Together Until He Flew Back To Ghana – Full Video

Prophet Nigel Gaisie has been exposed once again as his secrets has been uncovered by his own partner who introduced him to mallams for power and wealth.

Net2 TV interviewed a woman yesterday on the Hot Seat called Ama born again who is known to have stayed in Gambia for many years.

Ama Born Again during the interview disclosed that, she has worked with Nigel Gaisie for a very long time and she knows the prophet one on one and not a fluke.

According to the woman, she met the prophet way back in Gambia when Nigel Gaisie was stranded for being deceived by a pastor who happily invited him for a program but didn’t show up after arriving in Gambia.

I took Nigel Gaisie from the filthy hotel he was sleeping, took him to a friend’s house and later took him to see a mallam after Nigel Gaisie disclosed to her that he wants power, fame and wealth, Ama said.

Nigel Gaisie drunk blood of a goat, cat, and other animals as part of the rituals to gain power, he was also given a ring where he will have to pour a cum of a woman on it, placed the ring in his mouth and lick it for everything that he says will come to pass, Ama added.

Watch video below;

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