Nengi Hampson seems to always be playing second fiddle to Erica Ngozi Nlewedim.

Erica Ngozi Nlewedim had a mouthwatering organization towards her coming to Ghana.

Upon arrival, she was met with mammoth crowd chanting words of for her.

With the services of Charterhouse, organizers of VGMA, the program “Erica Live In Ghana” was on the lips of all for its beauty, branding and display of weath.

Nengi who is always known for always trying to do anything Erica, decided to fly to Ghana too.

Not only did she travel to Ghana today 28th January, 2020, she also desired the stardom the Star Girl enjoyed in Ghana.

So they engaged the services of hypemen to go welcome her at the Kotoka International Airport.

After the event that saw many of her fans, the ‘Ninjas’ dressed like people lined up for the special sacrifice to the gods; in white lacoste with blue inscription “Ninjas” , the hypemen revealed in a video that indeed they were engaged by Nengi’s team.

You are worried they could break Erica’s record?

Relax, get some chilled drink and have a treat and have good laugh after that.

Her arrival is nothing close to Erica’s.

Below is the video

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