Nengi Finally Meets Her Look Alike, Bobrisky

Fame is certainly a good thing but how to handle and maintain it is a huge task.

Nengi of BBNaija fame is struggling to live up to the billing.

Having taken a closer look at her bitterest rival in the entertainment industry, Nengi can be said to be doing absolutely nothing.

Maybe the trolls of her just being a lazy lady chasing Ozo to lay down so she can claw on him has got her thinking into doing something to trend.

At her luxurious birthday party, Nengi ended up with Bobrisky, who many say looks perfectly like her.

It’s obviously another way to trend as Bobrisky has to use the means of taking a picture together.

The strategy however worked; it has gotten many talking about perfectly the two of them look alike.

Do they really look alike?

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