In every office, area or house there is that beautiful girl wanted by all men.

The situation is even worse when she is endowed with everything a man wants; the curves, boobs and butts.

Such was the situation in Parliament few hours ago.

There was so much tension between the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress(NDC) prior to the selection of the Speaker of Parliament and the inauguration of the 8th Parliament in the 4th republic.

The was a tussel over who selects who to become the Speaker of Parliament.

This is as a result of both parties having same number of seats of 137 in the house.

Because there is no clear majority in the house and no consensus reached over who emerged the 3rd gentleman of the country, there had to be a election.

This was when all the two men in the house started sending their sweet words of love to this beauty in the Parliament.

Whiles the NPP was saying they were sorry for breaking her heart and they should start afresh, the NDC kept reminding her of how badly the NPP had treated her and ernestly begging for her hand in marriage.

She looked at the two proposals and decided it was time to get married so she accepted the NDC’s proposal.

It was an interesting sight to behold as Hon. Andrew Asiamah became the defining factor in the processes to the inauguration of the 8th Parliament.

The NPP outcast is the only Independent candidate in the 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic.

Being the only Independent candidate whiles the two parties have 137 each means that whoever he decides to side with will have a majority say in the house.

Hon. Andrew Asiamah had declared his intensions to side with the NPP caucus.

The NDC ever since have been persistently reminding him of how badly and unfairly the NPP dealt with him.

They have been lobbying him to their side ever since he publicly made that statement.

The NDC’s proposed candidate, Alban Gbagbin won to become the Speaker.

The NPP nominated Hon. Joseph Osei Owusu and was accepted by all to become the 1st Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

The Onus was then on the NDC to provide the 2nd Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

The NDC in their attempt to get the Fomena MP to their side or keep him relatively neutral, decided to nominate him for the position of the 2nd Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

The NDC might have not entirely won the only Independent member of the house in the 8th Parliament to their side but have succeeded in reducing his biases or affiliations with the NPP.

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