NDC Presents Hon. Alban Gbabin, The NPP Presents Prof. Quaye – Interesting Tussle Over Who Becomes The Speaker Of The New Parliament

The two biggest parties in Ghana, the New Patriotic Party ( NPP) and the National Democratic Congress have been dragging the outcome the 2020 general elections since it’s declaration.

Whiles the ruling NPP is almost pleased with almost everything the Electoral Commission did before and during the election, the opposition NDC disagrees with almost everything.

After the elections, the two political parties have equal number of seats of 137 with one Independent who has publicly declared his intension to be on the side of the NPP.

This has created a situation which many political commentators refer to as a hung Parliament.

Both parties have been claiming majority in Parliament.

The NDC argues that they are to provide the speaker of Parliament because, according to them they have the majority in Parliament.

The NPP however is banging their hope on a party outcast.

The independent candidate elect was a former MP on the ticket of the NPP.

He had to go independent because he lost the party’s primaries.

He was expelled from the party in accordance with the party rules and regulations.

The independent member of parliament, Mr. Andrews Asiamah samoah will be the deciding factor if both parties present their candidates for the position of the Speaker of Parliament.

The votes will be cast by all newly elected members of Parliament in a secret balloting.

It will be very interesting to see how it finally turns out to be.

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