The dynamics in the 8th Parliament of the 4th Parliament has brought a lot of funny developments.

Latest of such funny developments is the threat issued by some NDC faithfuls.

According to them, if their representatives fail to prevent Ursula Owusu and Hawa Koomson from passing their respective vetting, they would be forced to leave the party.

The balance the 2020 Parliamentary elections have created in the 8th Parliament will mean that both the NPP and the NDC will have equal number of representatives on the Vetting Committee.

The NDC however has an advantage over their counterparts as the chairman of the Vetting Committee who is a member of the NPP doesn’t have voting right.

So the NDC members on the committee can decide to play tough by rejecting Nana Addo’s appointees.

The party sympathizers have realized the power at their disposal and are urging their MPs to prevent these female MPs from passing the vetting.

It is still not clear why they are calling for the heads of the two MPs.

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