The armband Christiao Ronaldo won in a match against Serbia has suddenly become a source of raising money.

The armband is currently being autioned online in Serbia to raise money for the medical treatment of a baby.

The captain’s armband which Cristiano Ronaldo threw to the ground in disgust after Portugal’s World Cup qualifier against Serbia is being auctioned off to pay for a baby’s medical treatment.

What happened during the match?

The Portuguese captain ripped off his armband and angrily slammed it into the turf when his ‘ late winner’ was overruled in a 2-2 appease with Serbia.

Despite vehemently protesting to referees neither the VAR nor goal-line technology was used to ascertain the situation; the goal was ruled out outright.

Disgusted by the decision by the referees, the Juventus playermaker furiously walked away from the park and threw away the band.

Ironically, a charity in Serbia which has been raising money for a six-month-old boy with spinal muscular atrophy to undergo surgery, is currently autioning the armband off.

How the charity got the armband.

Reports from Associated Press say that the charity got the armband through a stadium worker who picked it up after Ronaldo threw it away.

Situation now

The child needs an amount of 2.5 million Euros to undergo surgery and treatment.

Reports in now are that the charity group has raised more than the expected amount by autioning the armband.

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