My fuel money can feed your useless father – Criss Waddle

In recent times, the CEO of AMG Business Criss waddle have been on the media for doing one-way interview, which makes it challenging for him to grant interview to the media, he formerly exasperates on bloggers and the media that rebuffed to give his show attention after he had a successful show done at the Accra Mall. This infuriated a fan who gave Criss Waddle advised the AMG boss to make a hit song and stop fooling, the fan twitted “ Does @CrissWaddle really churn out good content at all? All I see him do is waste precious time on Twitter attacking the media… Chale do good music and stop the kwesiase3m wai…..”

The AMG boss gave him the epic riposte saying he should allow him breadth as his talking now his prepaid is beeping red………., The tweet goes “massa fiokor na mindwein na by this time ur prepaid is beeping red, u want to come on social media and disrespect a man who’s fuel money can feed ur useless father”.

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