The High-grade Family CEO, Emmanuel Andrew popularly known as Samini in an interview on HitzFM 109.3 Day Break with Andy Dosty gave a view of who his father wanted him to become when he was young.

Andy Dosty on phone call with the Reggae/Dancehall Artist, Samini discussed Music and Parenting.

The host asked Samini, what was his parent action, when they saw him doing music? His demurral to the question was, his father wasn’t a happy person, because he was coming from a home of academics and most of his siblings too where serious with their books. He said the daddy got worried as he realised, he has towed his ambition as a future lawyer and is diverting his career into music entertainment.

HighGrade CEO, Samini Dagati

According to Samini, his mother supported him in pursuing music. The Mom was the one who understood and supported him, and took side with him whenever the daddy got upset for the entertainment choice streak. He said since then he made a promise to the mom, he will take his music career serious and will not do anything that will bring shame upon the mom and himself, but will do whatsoever possible to make her and the family proud.

Do you see any of your children doing music? Samini replied, yes, and I will support any of my child that will do music. I had the privileged to have my mom support, why won’t I do same for any of my child, who will want to take it up as his or her career, he added.

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