[Must Watch] Shatta Wale Wasn’t In Any Critical Accident As Some ‘Phoney’ Bloggers And Media Are Circulating On Social Media, Ignore The False News – Shatta Movement Media

Today’s afternoon around 3pm Ghtrendinglinks.com got several calls from our cherished readers asking about the news spreading, about Shatta Wale getting involved in a critical accident with pictures circulating across social media but we approached a close person Shatta Wale to and we realize it’s wasn’t Shatta Wale but it’s one friend of Ghana’s Richest man Mr Kofi Abban Mercedes Benz that a friend was driving got him accident which Shatta Wale went there with the rich man then people thought it’s Shatta.

Ghtrendinglinks News is the only sites that can give any authentic news from the camp of Shatta Movement Empire.

The management team wish to inform the love ones to calmed their nerves down since there’s nothing like Shatta Wale is injured, in critical condition, and see the spreading news as fallacy. Shatta Wale is very strong, he just graced the location and went back to his studio with Bola Ray, Mr Kofi Abban when the incident happened so all should relaxed and keep praying for the king as he prepared to meet the Queen Beyoncé later in September  and after then October album launch  for the Wonder Boy.

Ghtrendinglinks.com consulted our sisters’ site Ghreloaded.net and with a little info from them this is what we got below

Shatta Wale was only in the scene of the incident to help his friends that visited him and find themselves in the accident…

Kofi Abban is the owner of the Benz car that got involved in the accident… 

Earlier on, Kofi Abban and Bola Ray etc was in Shatta’s house to have fun with him and congratulate him on his Beyonce ‘The Lion King’ album featuring.

With the information gathered, we urge our readers to stay calmed and keep supporting the Ghanaian Artist as he’s raising the flag of Ghana high.

Beyoncé featuring the artist  on her album has gotten him more exposure, and is attracting lots of international collaboration around the world which is about to blow many minds typical example is with Mariahlyn the American American Singer who’s keen to shoot video with Shatta Wale.

Another news just came from Jamaica as one of the world producer Notnice Records also featured the African Dancehall King Shatta Wale on his upcoming album which is going to be launched on the 9th of August this year.

Let’s always support our artists positively rather than other way round, Ghana needs to grow with positive vibes. Negativity makes a nation fall apart.

Eddie Nak, Researcher, GhTrendingLinks.com

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