[Must Read] Why Are People Bitter About A 23 – Year – Old Girl, Symply Tacha – Maame Dede Writes

Is this the girl Tacha, people misunderstood. That’s Tacha and fan Onyinye Okeke in her hotel room

The above headline came in mind when I started pondering over the too much abhorrence on a poor girl who could be a sister, a cousin, niece, a mother, a friend to any of you.

Is it because she’s bigger that they expected, Is it because she didn’t scold in after her disqualification, is it because she has a fan base supporting her effortlessly or is it because she’s now the biggest deal?

A girl who out of misapprehension got disqualified from Bigbrother Naija house.

I recollect vividly how her disqualification made her trends worldwide for two days continuously and the intimidating meticulous words I chanced on social media and I quote ‘No brand will endorse such a rowdy, impudence and disrespectful lady’, they disrespected, body shamed and humiliated her.

She was emotionally tortured but people were so wicked to feel for her not forgetting they are also humans gulfed with errors like her, some who were worse than her resorted to preposterously adjudicated her.  

What do we perceive today, Tacha is the ‘scarce’ brand everyone wants to associate itself with? A brand they are fighting to get her attention and endorsement. A disqualified product’s celebrities aka ‘yeyebrities’ are using her to catch cruise and chase clout?

Most times, people forget that only God disqualifies and your life comes to an end. Out of her situation God gifts her FanMily called ‘Titans’, they stood by her from day one, they spent their time, money and effort making sure Tacha is constantly in harmony.

They fought and dragged anyone who tried coming after their queen. Titans are the baddest fanbase to reckon with. Titans are the funniest fans I have come across… imagine their names ‘Titans Overseer, Titans Lawyer, Titans Traffic Police, Titans Nonconformist, omg and many more with hilarious tweet.

They are the type that brings their girl Tacha’s heart at home.


As an observer and analyst, the realist ladies I saw in the house were Esther, Khafi, Enkay and Tacha. Enkay was misunderstood and i became sad about her eviction but Tacha who makes the show peppering was still there, so I continued watching her.

Tacha was the most intriguing housemate I always wanted to watch, her arena games were the funniest and favourite fragment to watch always, especially if she’s able to meet time, that day twitter will burn.

She’s always happy for those who get the opportunity to win and the truth is, she doesn’t keep grudges. Tacha  is that truthful type who will not pamper you with scrumptious words and stab you at the back. She’s the type of friend everyone should have.

As a business woman also, I will pick her among all housemates because she has the flea, will power, zeal and the enthusiasm needed to partner with, when it comes to group work her energy is superb

She was bullied, that was the most painful aspect of the show. Nobody saw anything wrong with that, because she kept her confidence level up, they tried in several ways to demoralised this girl by abusing her orally and viewers and bigbrother didn’t see anything wrong with it?

What Fans Saw

She’s bold and confident but petrified of whom to trust. She has ‘trust issues’ whence, pick friends she can rely on and twig to unaffectedly, her intuition on critical issues and aspect at which she interacts in the environment she sees herself in is superb.

My question is, is this the kind of girl the housemates and Nigerians hated the most? I saw a girl with a beautiful soul, unswerving friend, funniness and cheerful being, fearless, sweet and   

Words To The Wise – Hatred Is A Sickness

The worst part is not that hating others is normal; it has become socially acceptable too.

I’m not taking a moral stand here. I’m far from being perfect. This post is a personal reflection — I’m inviting you to join me.

On the social media stage, looking right seems the only thing that matters. Rather than using our emotions and intellect to do what’s best, we focus on proving others wrong — those who think differently become our enemies. The primitive skill to separate friends from foes is an essential survival strategy.

However, that instinct made sense in a primitive age where the world was threatening and unknown. It feels irrational that after centuries of breakthroughs and improvements in medicine, education, technology, and food, to name a few, we still feel under constant attack. We are emotionally incompetent, that’s why we love to hate others.

It’s hard to believe that we are in the 21st Century, we behave as if the world was still unsafe and dangerous.

Many people are not using their voices to make things better. They express their opinions simply to hurt others; to silence opposite thoughts. The hatred that we see daily on Social Media, the news, or water cooler conversations, is doing us no good as a society [Referencing Uti, BasketMouth, Kemi,

People can hate others for many reasons, jealousy is the usual cause of most hate from individuals.

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